We seek partnerships with prospective real estate developers who want to shorten the learning process, saving time and money.

For those who value a proven and constantly maintained professional team. Surely for those who know how much a well-known group of contractors can help, how effective it can be.

Who should contact us? Those who want to invest their savings in real estate business and want to get to know and master the complex tasks involved first-hand, in practice, point by point. Who want to get the most out of every Forint. Who is happy to accept advice that comes from many years of experience and wants to use it to their advantage.

What we provide? We help

  • to find the right property to be competitive even in terms of rent or sale
  • in the planning and managing of renovation costs
  • in creating the most optimal living space
  • to navigate through price quotations
  • to communicate with contractors
  • in finding the right sources of any equipment
  • in pricing – in case you rent or sell
  • as well in the design of the advertisement

It is a priority, that you learn everything related to this method. The main role is yours, we will 'just' hold your hand all the way to success. All this in order to reach the point, where you can go further on your own, alone but experienced and top confident.


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